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Summer 2016

Rising Tides A friend from Twitter contacted me about the new branding and website for his newest adventure, Rising Tides Life Coaching. Over the course of a few weeks we developed a nice Logo design, Biz card, Website, Facebook and Twitter graphics… the... read more

Spring 2016

The Partners In Prevention’s 2014-15 Annual Report Every year brings another round of Annual Reports and other materials to relay back to the community and supporters exactly how amazingly they’ve done for the people who’s lives they enrich. First up... read more


Somehow between helping each of my amazing clients realize their goals, I have been able to catalog some of our successes on my very own Behance profile. Since 2008, Behance has become an online social mecca for high-end visual designers to show off their work. Owned... read more

2015, Episode Four

A lot of things in the hopper this season and last season, but here are some of the latest hits for the first third of 2015: Hudson County Coalition I was contacted last year by the team at the Hudson County Coalition for a Drug-Free Community for a complete rework of... read more

2014, Episode Three Point Five

I was so busy this last season, I split this post into two parts. Here is Part 2 of Part 3 of 2014! Also known as Part 3.5… Art Ability Every year I have the privilege to help the good folks at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital put on their Art Ability Exhibition and... read more

2014, Episode Three

I’m a bit late on my now seasonal blog updates, but I’ve been busy! “On what?” you ask? This… The 2014 Campaign for the San Diego Shambhala Meditation Center Very excited and pleased to have been a part of the opening celebration for The... read more

2014, Episode Two

Many things have taken place since my last post… all good things! Let’s go backwards from today, April 23rd: this morning I led a successful class of professionals through a Photoshop 101 class. I just recently finished a Zombie Prom illustration, shortly... read more

2014, Episode One

After the rework and launch of my new site I have been very busy helping a lot of clients get ready for the Spring and Summer seasons. And as with most of my work, there is a definite thread of me helping people help people over a period of time. Here are some... read more

Autumnal Activities

Been so busy this Fall, I’ve neglected sharing some things I’ve been working with some amazing clients on. Here’s a sampling from the season: Art Ability 2013 Galas are always a big thing this time of year, and I have had the pleasure of working with... read more

Summer Solstice

It’s the Summer Solstice today so I thought it would be a good time to report in. Summer is upon us, so here’s some of the more interesting projects and accomplishments I’ve been a part of over the last few months: Helena van Vliet First off,... read more

Spring Classes

As I’ve been working with a variety of clients on getting their new sites and current materials updated and fresh for the coming Summer season, I was honored to be asked to teach a series of classes for the San Diego Digital Gym’s “Digital... read more

Fall/Winter 2012

This winter, being a very cold winter for San Diego, also turned out to be a very creative one! While maintaining a variety of sites and clients such as BellaVista Trattoria, Culture Connections, and the Presence Care Project, I found myself immersed in helping... read more

Summer 2012

A very busy summer indeed! Now that I am in the habit of blogging by the season, it really gives me a great time to reflect on all that can happen in the short space of a few months: It’s Gala Time! Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital’s Art Ability Every year I find... read more

Spring 2012

Walking With Nathaniel This month Cindy and I have been helping a family coping with the loss of their son as the Father hikes along the Northeast Corridor to raise awareness and donations for the disorder that shortened his son’s life. We helped set up a CMS... read more

Falling into Fall…

I’ve been so with such a variety of amazing projects—from new clients, to site revamps, to upgrades—I’m just going to have to lump them all together into Fall and Winter posts. Here’s the Fall post, circa November 2011 to Jan 2012! Presence Care... read more

Late Summer Things

For the last 4 years I have helped Bryn Mawr Rehab recreate their annual ArtAbility Exhibition look and materials: from Save the Dates to invites, to signage, advertisements, posters and programs books. I’ve had the honor to help the folks at BMRH promote the... read more

Children’s Shelter and Full Contact Enlightenment

One of the great things about working in this business is how within all of the code and layouts, the emails and urls, the edits and pdfs: there are still human connections. These connections are what make this industry—and the world for that matter—work. Here are a... read more

Artists and Angels

These last few months have been full of many end-of-the-year projects and beginning-of-the-year campaigns, but like every Winter, things are just getting ready to bloom this Spring. To start, I’m happy to say that I have been able to help launch 4 distinct web... read more

Five Directions, Twitter, and Facebook

Over the last few months I have had the distinct honor and opportunity to engender some really interesting and insightful new relationships with folks across the globe through online social spaces such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn… and I like it! From... read more

Giving and Recieving with Social Media

I have always been a big social media junkie before it was even called social media. Back then we called it “MySpace”. Now it is a multi-million dollar industry that is comprised of heavyweights like Facebook and Twitter, and I have spent a large portion... read more