The next installment for this year’s work review I give you a selection of some of my bigger projects, ranging from outdoor events, to union conventions, to book design.

Bankers Hill Business Group’s Fall Festival 2017

Staring the Fall off right, I continued working with the local business owners who make up the volunteer-run BHBG, as we worked to raise the bar from last year’s Fall Festival event… with great success! Through a physical and online marketing campaign we were able to out-sell last year’s tickets, getting over 30 businesses to take part in the Saturday event. I, of course, helped with the visual materials: branding, flyers, posters, web materials, advertisements, and day-off materials and signage.

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The Together We Rise SEIU California 2017 Convention

This year I’ve taken on a lot more work from SEIU California and their Together We Rise Convention might have been the largest physical project we’ve done yet! Working with members in Sacramento and on the ground in Oakland, we quickly pulled together everything you need to deck out an convention space: huge banners, large signage, tall billboards, directional materials, room signage, giant photo grids, faux street signs, and more. Everything was big, everything was coordinated, and and everything came out wonderfully!

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Black Workers United: SB 491 Volume 1

This year I was honored to take on the first book in Black Workers United’s journey for Black workers’ rights in California. The task was to create a 72 page photo-book detailing the history of Black worker discrimination in CA and the trail of a series of forward-thinking bills toward justice. Looking through the folders of photographs, I realized quickly the message was held among these images. The amount of history was impactful. Working closely with the team at SEIU, we strung the images together, connected stories, designed a timeline, and formed a visual narrative of this first collection of historical steps. Only 12 copies were printed and given to instrumental policy-makers.

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