A lot of things in the hopper this season and last season, but here are some of the latest hits for the first third of 2015:

Hudson County Coalition

I was contacted last year by the team at the Hudson County Coalition for a Drug-Free Community for a complete rework of everything they had: branding, logo, advertisements, annual report, outreach materials, illustrated program map, web materials, you name it. Luckily, I was happy to be available to help out. After only a few months of work, we created a new look and icon for the HCC, made a highway billboard advertisement, distributed multiple newspaper and direct advertisements, and designed bus shelter and bus overhead advertisements and movie screen ads.


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Independence Mission Schools

A long-time rep at a client has moved on to bigger and better heights in helping others and luckily for me she took me along for the ride. Having worked with Pat for so long, she knew we would be able to align our minds and energies to pull together a great little annual report for the Independence Mission Schools in Philadelphia. Working quickly to make a self-mailer that was attractive and informative, we used the wonderful imagery of the students they assist and the facts of their last year and made something that should get parents and supporters excited about IMS.

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Spark The Heart


Interestingly, I’ve been approached more recently by new clients to rework their existing blog or site into something special, or take something I’ve already created and give it a fresh spin for 2015. An example of the first being Spark The Heart, a companion website for Ruth Davis’ “Heart Sparks” book, for which I designed the cover. Taking an existing installation, I revamped her theme to better match the style of her book and the vibrancy of her message. Leaving the interior pages development to her discretion, I was happy to get her homepage and overall look in line for her book tour.

Spark The Heart

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 8.08a|May20



ADAPT Site Update

Another client I’ve been working with for years now, ADAPT, reached out to me specifically with the idea of Microsoft’s “Metro UI” in mind when they wanted a quick refresh of their site’s layout and style. Luckily, the colors and feel we’ve been developing lent itself to an easy rework. Sometimes an inexpensive touch up is a needed boon to business.


Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 8.08a|May20 1


Fight For $15

If you haven’t heard, the country is steadily going livable on it’s wages and I’ve been lucky enough to be working with some local chapters of the Fight For $15 campaign. This April 15th was an important day as thousands of workers went on strike and marched and rallied toward getting a more livable wage for all. It was a special experience to turn the corner and see a flood of people wearing shirts, holding banners, handing out flyers, and waving signs all that I designed for the event.

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The Alliance Logo

In other news, I’ve been steadily helping out start-up organizations, outreach groups, and new entrepreneurs get their identity together as they work toward launching big and making changes in 2015… one logo development of note being being The Alliance for Professional Women.