Over the years there has been a main focus to the types of work I feel I excel at and am most happiest doing: projects that change the world for the better. From behind the scenes, I enjoy helping groups of volunteers and organizations hone and plan their visuals and outreach to make sure their messages are heard, their events are packed, and their positive presence in the community felt.

With all that is going on in the world, here is a continuation of some ways I’ve been able to help people recognize, respond, and react together:

SEIU Lobbying Materials

I have worked with the local and California-wide SEIU for a while now creating materials and visuals for their various endeavors and events. The vacillatory political climate these days has spawned a variety of focused lobbying campaigns coordinating members around the Congressional recess to lobby for immigration, educational, and women’s protections. Below are some of the materials that went out en masse to help get their message across.

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Darryl Issa Community Town Hall Ad

A sudden yet surprising ad I did for a community campaign to get Representative Darryl Issa to a townhall meeting in California turned out to surprise me! Although it was a very straightforward full-page newspaper ad, it got coverage far and wide for the intensity of the proposal. In the end, the ad was detailed on KPBS and GQ, as well as thoroughly discussed on the Rachel Maddow show. It garnered so much attention the audience counted in the thousands at the townhall.


Partners In Prevention Re-Branding

It’s also important to reach past your own neighborhood’s borders to make sure that people near you and far have what they need to make their communities stronger and healthier. I have been working for a few years now with a collection of drug prevention and youth enrichment coalitions (The Hudson County Coalition, The Lindsey Meyer Institute, The Rutherford Community Prevention Coalition) that all officially fall under one umbrella organization: The Partners In Prevention.

After taking care of the branding and online representations for these branch groups, I was happy to take a turn at re-branding the unifying body. A logo invoking an image of a tree that also yields a larger figure supporting other figures  seemed appropriate. See below how the design flowed out to their annual report and website.





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