The end of 2017 turned out to be proud and political! As the year has flown by and people see how things can change so quickly, they are taking action to help assure that the change is one for the better. And I’ve been happy to help through these types of projects…

SEIU We Are Sisters Campaign

Proud to have worked on this important illustration media campaign for SEIU California to draw attention to what’s going on with women and their families across the state and country in regards to the DREAM Act, TPS, and DACA. I was excited to see these materials appear at 2018 Women’s Marches along the western coast!

Enjoy the slideshow below!

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SEIU Wendy Carrillo Campaign

With the sudden oncoming changes in all areas of American life, women have been coming out in force to embolden their presence in the political arena. The 2018 political environment has empowered all people to take action and SEIU was happy to back Wendy Carrillo in her campaign for State Assembly in California to fight corruption and prejudice. My part in the campaign started with a few visual text messages, along with some direct mailers, as seen below…

But the project quickly carried into a full physical get-out-the-vote mailer campaign with accompanying Spanish translations, as well as editable action flyers for local meetings and events. Wendy won her seat in the CA State Assembly in December of 2017.

Although I live in California, I am always happy to support the initiatives of organizations back home in the northeast. One such group: P-CASA, has a mission that is simple but powerful – they “want to stop alcohol, tobacco, and drug use among Paterson’s youth through outreach, education, community empowerment, and collaboration.” They are working with their community to create an anti-substance abuse coalition in Paterson’s 1st Ward. I was hired through their office at Montclair University to revamp their website, boost it’s content, and give it a new visual direction.