A very busy summer indeed! Now that I am in the habit of blogging by the season, it really gives me a great time to reflect on all that can happen in the short space of a few months:

Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital’s Art Ability

Every year I find myself helping non-profits and organizations get ready for their fall Galas and Celebrations, commemorating the people and acheivements that have added to the lives and struggles of those they have helped throughout the year.

Each each year I have been fortunate to help Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital in Philadelphia prepare for it’s annual Art Ability Exhibition. A multi-month celebration both in the hospital and across the country of over 200 artists with disabilities who use their skills and talents in the arts to express themselves and break free of the bonds of difference. Here’s a short retrospective on some of the cover designs I’ve created from which we’ve derived the styling for each marketing campaign including Save The Dates, Invites, RSVPs, Posters, Program Books, Advertisements, Sponsorship Guides, and Giveaways:



cpiThe Center On Policy Initiative’s Gala 2102

This year I was selected to help pull together The Center On Policy Initiative’s materials for their 2102 Gala. CPI “is a nonprofit research and action institute dedicated to advancing economic equity for working people and diverse communities throughout the San Diego region. CPI works to increase access to good jobs and quality healthcare, and to improve conditions for low-wage workers and families.” Working with their team here in San Diego, we’ve been very busy getting the invites and program guide together for their event in October!


Mommy’s Light 15th Anniversary Gala

Another great event that I have been lucky to help prepare for is the Mommy’s Light 15th Anniversary Gala. Located in Pennsylvania, Mommy’s Light works with children who have lost their Mother’s from various causes and disorders, and spend time with them to prepare for the loss of their parent as well as setting up traditions to help them after their parent is gone. Below is a small sampling of some of the materials we’ve been setting up for the upcoming event:


The Scoop On BreaststedTop

One long-term project that Cindy, Joyce and I at incompra design have been working diigently on is the writing, design, and publication of Dr. Ted Eisenberg’s first book “The Scoop On Breasts“. A fully-illustrated, carefully designed, and wonderfully writtem tome on all things concerning breasts, breast health, breast augmentation, and interesting and quirky facts about the female bosom, “The Scoop On Breasts” is a great read and fun book to have on your coffee table or in the bathroom reading rack.

Working day and night, Cindy toiled to get the amazing design and layout of the book to match Joyce’s wonderful writing, while I took over the repsonibility of illustrating page after page of boob information, breast jokes, and cultural curiosities about the world’s obsession with a women’s most promiment set of glands. Below are some screen grabs of some of my favorite illustrations that I helped create to jump off the pages:


scoopThe Scoop On Breasts Website

Of course every good book needs a website, so I was happy to help Joyce and Ted get together this quick and fun site detailing all that the book has to offer at a sweet price of $17.95 a copy. With a “sneak peek” gallery, feedback from professionals and comedians, a chapter by chapter walk through, information about the authors, and a “Buy The Book” page, the book is already flying off the shelves as the Doctor is scheduling interviews, reviews, and  radio shows.

The Scoop On Breasts


Culture Connnections Website


In the web aspect of my life I have many projects on the stove, simmering and getting ready for launch! One project that’s fresh out of the oven is the Culture Connections website. Culture Connections works with organizations and centers in New Jersey to teach about Culture Competance and sensitivity to workers and staff in the racially, religiously, gender and capability rich land that New Jersey is ever-becoming. This Content Management Site site built on WordPress allows the staff at Culture Connections to edit and update their growing body of content, list of trainings, and map of all the areas in New Jersey they help.

Cultural Connections