One of the great things about working in this business is how within all of the code and layouts, the emails and urls, the edits and pdfs: there are still human connections. These connections are what make this industry—and the world for that matter—work. Here are a few examples:

Children’s Shelter USA – Thailand

Through connections made via donations we were able to gather for The Children’s Shelter in Thailand, a wonderful new friend and client hired me to create a new logo as a gift to the organization. A great experience it was as I worked with my contact and their committee as we were able to quickly find a meeting of the minds and visualize the direction we wanted to take. Just a few versions, some great feedback, and three or four emails in and we had a clear winner.



Full Contact Enlightenment

Finally, connections are made in a variety of ways. This blog is one, for example; all blogs are a way to connect. Recently, I have garnered some great connections through various online resources (Twitter, Facebook) and have been more than honored to help a variety of these writers blogs go through a re-design. The latest of which for a wonderful Canadian blogger who hails at Full Contact Enlightenment. Blogging about everything from Buddhism to Punk Rock to Politics, I was happy to find the creative voice behind the words also saw creative possibility and while re-vamping her blog we created a new art style: Dharmask!

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