Presence Care Project



I was honored to work with mindfulness-based psychotherapist and dementia care counselor Marguerite Manteu-Rao to bring her newest practice, the Presence Care Project, to life. Focusing on creating a mental/emotional/spiritual holistic bridge for all members involved with dementia care, Marguerite and her partner are working to help those in need, and those helping those in need, get the help they need.

Starting with branding and logo development, we evolved the online site with a WordPress-powered CMS for ease of editing on the clients part. This has become a very popular option for many clients as they may be interested in handling their own comments, uploading mp3s, and managing events pages. In the end Marguerite realized she was going to need a little more, so we created a leave-behind brochure and business cards to match.

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Summer 2011

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