Late last month I worked with the team over at Independent Resources, Inc. in Delaware to launch their new home page. The interesting aspect of this site is that it is primarily focused on individual in the state of Delaware who have one or many physical disabilities, such as visual differences or motor skill challenges. Working as a team with Cindy Hodsgon (incompra design) and the coordinators at Independent Resources, we worked together to create a user-friendly site for all, with special tools and situations put in place to facilitate those who gather their information from the internet differently.
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As their homepage professes, Independent Resources, Inc. is “a resource center focused on assisting persons with disabilities to achieve and maintain individual lifestyles through personal empowerment, independence, and community education.” In order to match this amazing mission statement, we implemented and strict adherence to Section 508 standards, WCAG Guidelines, as well as valid, semantic XHTML and CSS coding in the format, navigation, and content of the site to ensure the site is an accessible information space for everyone. Using the accessibilty navigation bar present at the top of each page, a user can specify their individual comfort level as they travel through the site: either with a larger-than-original font face, in a low-vision format, or with no graphics at all.

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Also, the site was created with semantics in mind, so that internet screen readers such as JAWS, WindowEyes, and even a Lynx browser will aurally render the site in a logical way. “Watch” as the site grows over the months to illustrate in a variety of ways the efforts of this amazing group of people.

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Independent Resources, Inc.