I’ve been so with such a variety of amazing projects—from new clients, to site revamps, to upgrades…

Presence Care Project


Although I have been simultaneously working on a reworking a lot of sites, I have been happy to help new clients get their new projects and online spaces underway! This Fall I was honored to work with mindfulness-based psychotherapist and dementia care counselor Marguerite Manteu-Rao to bring her newest practice, the Presence Care Project, to life. Focusing on creating a mental/emotional/spiritual holistic bridge for all members involved with dementia care, Marguerite and her partner are working to help those in need, and those helping those in need, get the help they need. Starting with branding and logo development, we evolved the online site with a WordPress-powered CMS for ease of editing on the clients part.

Presence Care Project



Screen-Shot-2012-03-05-at-1.00pMar5Rhonda Sacks

Also this season I helped interior designer Rhonda Sacks get a simple yet sophisticated site to help her get started on the internet as she arranged to have some more of her latest and greatest projects photographed. The present shots were photographed by Barry Halkin Photography and Rhonda and I endeavored to create a site that spoke both to her esthetic but also complimented her work.

Rhonda Sacks Interiors