Digital Gym Digital Bootcamp Educational Series

311212154761659Through a set of connections I was asked to teach a series of classes for the San Diego Digital Gym’s “Digital Bootcamp” at the Digital Gym Media Arts Center in North Park, SD from 2013 to 2014. These “brown bag” lunch time workshops focused on the interests of entrepreneurial and small business clientele, and I was originally asked to teach a class on “Digital Design”. It acted as a sort of primer on how to being work on identity development, the tools and skills necessary, and some graphics basics about layout, color, etc. In about an hour and a half, we covered a great deal of material and was able to share some good resources and ideas with the classmates.

From that the curriculum expanded to fully include Digital Design for Small Business & Non Profits, Intro to WordPress, WordPress 101, Google Analytics, Email Marketing, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Photoshop 101 & 102. Now I offer on-call one-on-one classes and on-site business help through the Digital Gym.

Here are some class syllabi:









Here is a presentation I gave on Digital Design For Small Business & Non Profits. Sort of a think-thru guide: