Been so busy this Fall, I’ve neglected sharing some things I’ve been working with some amazing clients on. Here’s a sampling from the season:

Art Ability 2013

Galas are always a big thing this time of year, and I have had the pleasure of working with Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital for years on their annual Art Ability event that sparks a nationwide tour for Artists with Disabilities. From creating their very first logo for the recurring event, to Calls for Entries, Save The Date mailers, posters, ads, 60-page booklets, to wall signage and decals, by the end of the process we have designed an attractive collection of materials that, luckily, each year has packed the house!



Also this Fall I’ve been busy helping clients with Powerpoint presentations for events, seminars, launches, and fundraisers for various organizations and efforts. One of the latest and greatest was with the amazing team at the San Diego Center For Policy Initiatives on their Open Places Initiatives San Diego project.


CPI Poverty, Earnings, and Income Report

I also was lucky to be picked by the amazing people at the CPI to create their annual Poverty, Earnings, and Income Report, which details some astonishing facts about the living conditions in San Diego. The thing about this project was they needed it done fast. Very fast. And we were able to pull it through just in time for distribution. Here is an online version:

Mac2School Logo

Last but not least, I was happy to have been able to meet and work with Ruth of Mac2School to create with her a new logo and series of icons for her branding and online refresh. Ruth is gearing up to offer even more by way of online, live, and one on one training for all levels of Mac users. Learn more about Mac2School at


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