Many things have taken place since my last post… all good things!

10154451_10203675392546823_8947503816838390334_nPhotoshop 101 and 102

I have been fortunate to have been teaching at the Digital Gym Media Arts Center here in San Diego for over a year now, and am never more excited to be able to impart onto others some of the skills teachers and experiences have given me. Today I taught the first of a two-part series on Photoshop. A sort of crash-course to help steer new PS users through how to understand the program, it’s interface, some basic but highly used tools, adjustments, effects, and concepts. The class went very well, and next week I look forward to picking up on heavier techniques and topics. I’ll update the outcome here.


Andrea M Carter

andrea31An interesting arrangement presented itself that I couldn’t pass up: an offer of trading time—not money—when it comes to the things we produce. Andrea Carter, a forward-thinking and innovative lawyer who I met through various community projects, always had a thing for time-banking and skill sharing that I thought was a great way to strengthen a community by valuing the individual’s abilities, not just an arbitrary fee plus tax. So, we agreed to time bank, with me accruing her time when I need it. Through this process we were already able to craft a wonderful logo and informative site in time for her law office’s grand opening, and she was able to help me research and navigate through some legal yet expensive business decisions successfully.


ADAPT – “Don’t Let Prom Be Your Last Dance”

When the team at ADAPT asked that I help them quickly create an eye-catching illustration to help promote safety and sobriety, I couldn’t possibly resist… because they requested ZOMBIES! Being a fan of zombies as well as a secret illustrator by night, I was more than happy to make their dreams a rotting reality!
Check out the results:

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 3.57p|Apr23

Ripley Nox

Ripley Nox is a “soon-to-be published technothriller/speculative fiction author” who approached me with her ideas for her overall visual branding as an entity as her books are poised for epublishing. We discussed future spaces, alternate realities, infinite energy, and swimming through gulfs of information. She walked me through the character’s lives and impulses, as well as the conditions that created them, and the divergences from our own world. From these conversations we;ve created a library of items that we will be using for all of her upcoming materials and media. Enjoy the sneak peek: