I’m a bit late on my now seasonal blog updates, but I’ve been busy! “On what?” you ask? This…

The 2014 Campaign for the San Diego Shambhala Meditation Center

Very excited and pleased to have been a part of the opening celebration for The 2014 Campaign for the San Diego Shambhala Meditation Center as they move to their new location and expand their practice and reach. In true Buddhist style, they opened with a Sit-A-Thon weekend, and had a group of meditators sitting for hours for donations, and ended with a Convocation and celebration. My part entailed the visual development of the overall campaign, a complete campaign web site, materials, and a “Garudometer” stander to keep track of the donations. They are already a third of the way there!

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ADAPT Summer and Fall Campaigns

Been working a lot with ADAPT this summer, helping them get materials together to help keep kids and teens safe and informed on drug abuse and alcoholism. On the docket were campaign posters, illustrated postcards, an 8-page booklet detailing ADAPTs services, window clings, website updates, and fact sheets.

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Murder At West Laurel

A big project that I was thrilled to work on was the “Murder At West Laurel” Mystery Dinner taking place at the end of September. All happening at the historic West Laurel Cemetery near Philly, the night harkened back to the 1910s in style, music, refreshments, and entertainment while the evening was whisked via actors and theatrical host back to a murder and fire that happened on the grounds decades ago… with no resolve to this day! Much of the materials, such as invites, tickets, RSVPs, envelopes, and table tents, were printed with a 5th gold ink and has hand-cut details on the menu.
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Grant Lichtman

Another achievement I wanted to share from this summer’s work was the site for Grant Lichtman. Grant is a nationally recognized author, speaker, and thinker on education and the K through 12 experience. After taking a long trek across the country interviewing educators of all kinds, Grant approached me to create an online space to house his growing anthology, daily blog posts, and information about his career and plans for the future of education. Have a look at what we came up with!



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South Lake Tahoe Climbing Gym

Check out the logos I helped make for South Lake Tahoe Climbing Gym. An example of the usefulness of networking as they are friends of my friend and colleague, Dave!

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Digital Gym Classes

I also taught a few classes while I was at it!